1-2-1/Group Programme

All the following sessions are modern, innovative, exciting, providing an intense and focused coaching and training session that you cannot get within a large group session. Private and specific coaching for players is the most important format of developing and enhancing a players technique and is without question the best way to asses, solve and correct problems in a young players game.

Progressive Football Development provides 1-2-1 / small group coaching (max 4) for players of all ages and abilities.

These sessions are designed for players who may benefit from a more personalionized training session, which is focused on the areas that a youth player needs to succeed in the modern game.

Each player will receive an individual training programme, which will focus on improving your weaknesses and further develop your strengths. So whether you are new to football, an aspiring academy player or already signed at a professional academy, our experienced coaching staff can develop a fun and structured programme that will take your game to the next level.

All of these sessions follow the PFD philosophy of producing skilled, confident and creative football players who are competent in managing the ball under pressure and have shown to improve a players technical ability and confidence by allowing them to try new skills in a positive and challenging environment.

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